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BrainWallet® - The Best RFID Blocking Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip

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Here's the issues with your current wallet...

  • Cause of Back Pain
  • Results in Bad Posture
  • Easy for Theft
  • Contents Easily Fall Out
  • Unattractive and Bulky Pockets
  • Leather or Fabric Rips Easily
  • Filled with Unneeded Items

The BrainWallet® is an attractive and affordable solution to your problems!


RFID Theft is one of the main causes of credit card and identity theft today. It takes less than one second for a thief to walk past you and steal your credit card information with a commonly found RFID scanner. The BrainWallet® is made with a high tech RFID signal blocker integrated between it's strong carbon fiber layers. This prevents any attempt of RFID theft. Think about how small of an investment this wallet is when it comes to your credit card, debit card, or identity, being stolen!


The luxury weave of carbon fiber used to make the BrainWallet® is a real winner. Gone are the days of your ripped, beat up, ugly leather wallet. The carbon fiber we've used was specialty sourced because of it's luxury grade material and appearance. The BrainWallet® is guaranteed to turn heads, make friends jealous, and make strangers wonder about your successful persona.


The BrainWallet® is so ultra-slim that you will forget it's in your pocket. You won't find a wallet on the market that competes with us in terms of strength, minimal size, quality, appearance, and price. Our competitor sells a wallet with identical materials for $115.


We have placed a perfectly engineered curve at the bottom of the wallet where you can quickly press to access all of your cards in a moments notice. The BrainWallet® doesn't just focus on appearance and theft protection, it also places a huge importance on functionality.

Below is a viral video of our wallet made by clips from a happy customer that has grossed over 100,000 views on Facebook alone!

All of our wallets are shipped directly to you from Chicago headquarters! We're proud to offer 2-3 day FREE Express Shipping for the majority of locations in the USA!

Stop searching. We've got you.

  • Securely Holds Up To 12 cards
  • Titanium Money Clip Keeps Cash Secured
  • Easy Card Access
  • Innovative RFID Plates Installed Inside To Protect Your Identity
  • Premium Grade Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 1.6 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm

We took action. Developing the worlds ultimate modern wallet.

BrainWallet by Brain Farm - Best RFID Blocking Mens Wallet


SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We provide quality service to our customers. We check products before shipping and eliminate broken and faulty products. All orders are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

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