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"There is no chance I'll ever go back to a regular wallet, again. I'm travel enthusiast and I love knowing my valuables are secure. I've already bought one for my brother and my wife."

Tom R.

"I live in Los Angeles where social status and the trendiest products are a necessity. The feeling of pulling out a Carbon Fiber wallet at the end of a date is a feeling like no other! 10/10 would recommend"

Chad L.

"I bought the Carbon Fiber wallet for my husband because he had his credit card information stolen in May. Since he's had your wallet, his credit cards have been safe. The fact it protects his money and has a lifetime warranty gives us piece of mind. I love Brain Farm"

Sara S.

"The confidence created when you pull the Brain Farm Wallet out of your pocket is a huge boost to any situation" 

Toby A.