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Brain Farm Rose Marble Watch

Timeless ~ Unique ~ Stunning

Prepare yourself for the compliments to come once you wear your new Brain Farm Rose Marble Watch! You may choose not to share where you purchased it. We wouldn't blame you, but you are a trendsetter... so go for it. Plus, each watch is one of a kind (we'll get to that).

When you receive this watch, the true quality and craftsmanship put into the design of this piece will be apparent. It's difficult to even express in the images. You'll need to trust us. This watch is amazing. 

The dial is cut from genuine marble, making each one truly unique and the only one of it's kind (just like you). It is incredibly lightweight, and lays flat so you'll find yourself enjoying the ability to integrate it as a fully functional piece in your daily life without constantly shifting or removing it. 

And, The Brain Farm Rose Marble Watch goes with absolutely everything, it can be dressed up or down, and provide you with a piece to enjoy for years to come. It's classy yet modern, timeless yet functional... you need this watch.

Form and Function

    • White Marble 
      *Each dial is cut from genuine marble, unique to the piece and the only of its kind.
    • Brushed Gold
    • Stainless Steel
    • Case Size - 38 mm
    • Case Thickness - 6.75 mm
    • Interchangeable
    • Light Grey
    • 100% genuine leather strap
    • Strap Width - 18 mm
    • Battery powered
    • 2 Hand Miyota Quartz
    • Hardened mineral crystal
    • 3 atm

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