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How You Can Enhance Your Bluetooth Headphones Now!

June 21, 2017


Follow these easy tips to improve your bluetooth headphones instantly!

I tend to run into 3 main questions concerning bluetooth headphones. 

  • How can I make my bluetooth earbuds louder and sound better?
  • How can I make my wireless earbuds more comfortable?
  • How can I make my wireless headphones last longer?

These frequently asked questions all have very easy solutions that you can implement right now.

Let's get started.


How to make headphones louder and sound better (on Android and iOS)

  • If you are using an Android device the first thing you will want to do is ensure the volume on the device itself is all the way up. Even if you have your headphones to the max volume, the volume on the device may not be synced correctly to match the headphones. This will definitely prevent your earbuds from reaching the potential volume you would like. iOS users will not have this problem as the volume will sync to match any bluetooth and wireless headphones.
    Sound better
    • The key to having premium quality audio is to ensure your bluetooth earbuds fit snug within your ear. If there are any gaps between the wireless earbud and your ear, the audio will escape and you will lose a large majority of that precious audio quality. This is why we include 4 variations of earbud tips in with every order of BrainPods

      How to make headphones more comfortable

      • Use earbud tips that correctly fit your ear. Everyone's ear canal is unique and what size tip works for others may not work for you. If you have to loss of a fit the headphones will feel like they are pulling down on your ear. If you have to tight of a fit your headphones may cause headaches and ear pain. Once again, this is why we include 4 variations of earbud tips in with every order of BrainPods
      • Adjust the neck strap. If you are working out or on a run, you don't want your headphones bouncing as you are trying to focus on the 3 miles left to go. There is an adjustment feature on the neck strap for a reason, pull it closer to move the rest of the cord near the back of your neck. (P.s. if your headset doesn't have an adjustment feature like this, it's time to upgrade)

        How to make headphones last longer

          • Charge until your headphones are at 100% battery and then immediately remove them. Over charging the battery can adversely affect battery life in the long run. 
          • Keep them out of your pocket! I'm at blame for this too. I find myself quite often on the go crunching my premium pair of BrainPods into my pocket bending the cord in 13 different ways only to get on the CTA and sit on them. Although BrainPods include a cord safety feature meant to increase durability, we still recommend keeping them out of your pockets as much as possible. 

        If you implement our suggested tips today, your bluetooth headphone experience will greatly improve overnight!

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